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Absolute Sound

KK and JK of Absolute Sound distribute our products in India.

Square Wave Ltd

Kent Poon of Square Wave Ltd distributes our products in ChinaHong-Kong, Japan, South Korea, Thailand and Taiwan.


Shoji Sakaguchi of AZ Audio is our dealer in Nagoya, Japan.

Sound Tree

Minh Young Park of Sound Tree is our dealer in Seoul, South Korea


RP Audio

Radim Pieknik of RP audio is our distributor in Czech and Slovak Republic.

Prestige Audio Diffusion

Marc Loubeau is our distributor for France. If you are a hifi dealer in this region and interested in our brand, please contact Marc.

Sound Design

In the United Kingdom, Sound Design takes care of our distribution. Interested dealers in the UK are requested to contact Andy Baker.

Athens Pro Audio

Chris Hatzistamou of Athens Pro Audio is our distributor for Greece.

Terrason Audio

Terrason Audio is our distributor for the Benelux. If you are a dealer in this region and interested in our brand, please contact Bert Bazuin.


Jaroslaw Orszanski is our distributor for Poland. If you are a dealer in this region and are interested in our brand, please contact him.


Audionord distributes our products in Scandinavia. If you are a dealer in this region and interested in our brand, please contact Leif Häggmark.

New Music

New Music in Brussels, Belgium is the well known address for quality audio in the capital of Europe. José Loro invites you for a great demo of the MU1.


In München, Germany Reinhard Weidinger of Hörzone has a lot of expertise in acoustics and active loudspeakers. LS1be on demo.

Max Schlundt

Max Schlundt of Kultur Technik, Berlin, Germany, welcomes you “im Stilwerk” for a great demo of music and audio. LS1be on demo.

My Sound

Wolfgang Linhard of My Sound in Starnberg, Germany specializes in a carefully selected catalog of products. LS1be on demo.

The Sound of Science

Dominik Schumacher puts our LS1 first rank in Hamburg, Germany. Be sure to get great advice on sound and acoustics from him. LS1be on demo.

HiFi Mansion

Nick Litwin of HiFi Mansion is our dealer in Madrid, Spain mainland.

Connectica Musica

For a nice and personal approach to hifi in Paris, France, please contact Philippe Turkowiak and Jacques Bessieres of Connectica Musica.

Analogue Seduction

In their 15th century manor house in Whittlesey, UK, Gary Penska and his collegues not only seduce you with high quality analogue playback, but with digital ones as well.


Jon Nelson runs a great Hifi store in Checkendon, UK. With his background in electronics and computer technology he can offer high quality service.

The Audio Barn

In Old Harlow, UK, Jack Satchfield runs The Audio Barn. His many customers rate his service as Excellent. Well worth a visit to hear the MU1.

Ultimate Stream

Steve Helliker offers a great service in Elstead, UK. He has a wonderful demo room and don’t forget to ask for his wine and music tips.


For more than 30 years l’Audiophile in Luxembourg is one of the premiere high end stores in Europe. Thierry Abondance, Guy Foetz and Marc Welter with their strong team welcome you for a great demo.

Sound Galleries

Geoffrey Armstrong of Sound Galleries takes care of our sales in Monaco.

Audio Expert

Near the famous Sint John cathedral of Den Bosch, The Netherlands, Peter van Tuyl and Ronnie Smits run their rewarded shop Audio Expert. You are more than welcome for a demo of the MU1. 


In the old town of Buren, The Netherlands, Caspar Bunge runs the remarkable Audio-Life shop. Live music is his reference. LS1be on demo.


In Laren, The Netherlands, Jos Jansen specializes in high end computer and audio solutions. He offers our MU1 music player to that.

Hans Audio

Hans Veerman runs his eponymous shop Hans Audio in Hoorn, The Netherlands. Our MU1 is on demo here.

Hifi Solutions

Rick Oldersom and his partners run their wonderful shop in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. They love to demo the MU1 to you.

iEar’ | Ultimate sound and vision

The iEar’ shop in Tilburg, The Netherlands has our MU1 on demo. Owner Freek van Ham and his team love to receive you in their large and well equipped High End audio store.

Lexicom Multimedia

In Leidschendam, The Netherlands, Lex Kersten has a broad offer of hifi and high end audio equipment with a focus on streaming. The MU1 is on demo here.

Listening Matters

Ben van Lelieveld and Marc Bosman offer an excellent service in Den Haag, The Netherlands in a well treated demo room. Don’t forget to ask for their highly regarded acoustic advice. LS1be on demo.

Pura Audio

Roel Derckx specializes in ‘pure passion’ with active loudspeakers, combined with the MU1. The beautiful demo house of Pura Audio is located in Vijlen, The Netherlands.


Harry van Daalen and Michael van Polen welcome you for a MU1 demo in their well known villa in Hilversum, The Netherlands.

Sound Gallery

Arthur Erenst welcomes you at Sound Gallery in Groningen, The Netherlands, for a great MU1 demo in their well known facility.

Duet Audio

Duet Audio is our HiFi dealer in Oslo, Norway (Erik Becklund) and Bergen, Norway (Martin Aadland).

Perfect Sense

Marcus Fordal of Perfect Sense welcomes you in his wonderful large showroom in Stockholm, Sweden.

North America

analog audio

In Wayzata, near Minneapolis, US, you find a wonderful shop called Analog Audio, that also sells great digital audio. Paul Blizel will show you the way in both domains. 


Right in the heart of San Francisco, US, you find the great High End shop AudioVision. Owner Antonio and his team have the knowledge and passion to help you well.

The Voice That Is

In Bromall, near Philadelphia, US, Doug White runs the great boutique high end audio shop The Voice That Is. He loves a ’natural sound’, just like us.

South America

Cone Audio

Fernando Alvim Richard of Cone Audio is our distributor for Brazil.

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