Alpha Audio: “The SQM cable does NOTHING”

We just got the first review of our new SQM cable, by Jaap Veenstra of the Dutch online Hifi magazine Alpha Audio. He gave it 5 stars, and a prestigious “Alpha Audio Approved” label. Wow! Please read a transcript of part of his review:

“The biggest asset of Grimm Audio interlinks – incl. TPR – is the ‘disappearing tric’. This cabling is simply not audible. It doesn’t add anything, It doesn’t leave anything out, it just transports whatever there is. The only difference between TPR and TPM (and now SQM) is the refinement.

This absence of character offers an unlimited peace of mind. After all, tuning with cables is the least interesting thing to do. A cable should not tune… it should just transport a signal from A to B. And that is exactly what Grimm Audio cables do.

“You connect SQM and your ‘cable nervosia’ instantly disappears.”

During our review we forgot SQM in no time. And this is a positive thing. It means it has no ‘personality’ in our set. The only thing that should be present in a system is music. If you play music and feel touched it is always a good sign. If you feel distracted by certain aspects – spectral unbalance, sharp top end, phase issues – you need to think again.

How to describe an inaudible cable? Ehm… well… You hear music. Plus the quality of your source, amplifiers and loudspeakers, and the acoustics of your room. Confronting? Yes… if things are wrong. But enlightening and soothing if things are right. A little short story this… sorry.

Compared to its predecessor TPM we heard a few subtle improvements with SQM. The set seems to play with more ease. And there is a bit more ‘glow’ in the mid low part, so vocals get a little more “chest”, which can be attractive (in our set it is). The low end offers slightly more punch. In short: across the board some subtle changes can be heard. And that is an outstanding achievement if you realize how great TPM is.”

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