Head-fi: SQM – hear the music not the wire

After his review of TPR the interest of Head-fi blogger John Massaria in SQM was raised. He just finished an update of his cable test with SQM now added. It ‘checked all the boxes’ for him:

“I did not really notice but these are very grown up cables when you think about it. How? Well when you played the field and tested dozens of cables, this is the cable that will always be dependable. Depend on it to be real, not inflated. Not good on some music but good on all music. Neutral is not always natural – is a true statement – but that is because these cables aren’t really anything but truthful to the source of the amp and of the recording. This cable is honest – don’t expect it to color your music silly – that’s not the intent. The intent is to be an adult. Serious and responsible. “


“If I am reviewing equipment critically or mixing recordings the clear winner is SQM. If I want to hear every last drop of sound/music of what is recorded exactly as it is – the SQM is king. Highly recommended.”

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“This is the cable that will always be dependable”

John Massaria, Head-fi
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